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- since 2017 -


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About pasture range

No chemicals, no herbicides, no pesticides. 

Lush Tipperary pasture , fresh air, clean water.

You can taste the difference.


Order to pick up from the farm or to be sent to your home.


Kylie and Billy Magner and their 4 children Matilda, Tadhg, Imogen and Finn are Magners Farm.

Kylie is a full time farmer who loves hens, regenerative agriculture, great food and horses.


What is it?

Regenerative Agriculture is an alternative method of producing food with low environmental and social impacts.

Its core intention is to improve the health of the soil which enhances the quality of water, vegetation and land productivity.  

Integrating livestock on to our farm improves soil health, sequesters carbon and helps biodiversity to flourish

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Magners Farm Free Range Eggs

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Our hens spend their days grazing on chemical free, natural grass with fresh air and clean water. At night they retire to their warm custom built shed.

We move them on to fresh grass every week (sometimes every day!) and they leave behind their lovely organic fertiliser for our pasture to thrive on.

This all adds up to a delicious, nutritionally dense, chemical free egg which you can trust was produced by a very happy and contented hen.

Our Story