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Who wants to be an egg farmer?

When we decided to produce eggs, we didn’t do it around a board room table or over a spread

sheet. In fact, our operations grew from 10 hens that soon turned into 15, then 30 and before we knew it, we were teetering on the edge of being in need of a flock number and an inspection by the Department of Agriculture.

What really pushed us into eggs was the stark reality of the intensity of the egg industry in many parts of the world. We had taken on a few rescue hens and saw first hand the stress the hens are placed under.

After a bit of research we became the proud custodians of 150 ready to lay HyLine hens.

Thankfully we still have them all and our management of them is staying true to our ethical promise. Keep the hens in as natural environment as possible.

We love to hear stories of how our eggs are used but what makes us particularly happy are the stories people tell of how different the eggs taste and look.

“Just like my Gran’s hen’s eggs”.

“I haven’t tasted eggs like this since I was a kid”.

“I used to have hens and I’ve never tasted eggs as good since”.

Sit back and enjoy your eggs knowing they have come from happy hens!


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