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The World's Best Scrambled Eggs?

Scrambled eggs made with Magner's Farm Pasture Range Eggs

We didn't say that...

One of our very lovely customers, so excited by his special delivery of Magner's Farm Pasture Range Eggs, sent us his own version of scrambled eggs. And he called them "The World's Best Scrambled Eggs".

It was so beautifully written, we just had to make it for lunch today.

Our veggie patch is brimming with goodies at the moment so all the accompaniments (except for the carrots which came from Pat at Cahir Markets!) came from our own backyard.

So without any editing - here it is...

Disregard the butter police entirely.

Melt a flagrantly large knob.

Dice some scallions.

Bung them into the melted butter.

Beat four Magner’s Farm eggs (which, amazingly, require next to no beating).

Bung in the eggs.

Add some grated or otherwise flittered cheddar.

Stir (which, amazingly, requires next to no stirring).

Tip the lot onto a plate.

Be utterly transported.

Retire from the fray, victorious.


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