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Anne Marie Feighery of Feighery's Farm, produces Irish homegrown Beetroot Juice. 

The beetroot is grown pesticide free on the family farm in the heart of Ireland in Co. Offaly where her father Billy first started farming back in 1957. 

This antioxidant and nutrient-rich refreshing juice is made up of just 2 natural Irish ingredients: Offaly Beetroot (70%) and Apples (30%) sourced from Con Traas's Farm in Co. Tipperary. It is naturally sweet with NO added sugar or nasties and is a delicious and energising way to boost your well being. Trust Blas na hEireann who awarded it in 2019 for its taste. 

As Beetroot is an Irish superfood, it is recognised as one of the healthiest veg you can juice. 
Drinking beetroot juice offers a convenient way to harness it's super health benefits. Loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C, Potassium, Iron, Folic Acid, Nitrates etc etc, it is full of natural goodness and then more. 
One of the key benefits of drinking beetroot juice has been its association with lowering high blood pressure alongside improving athletic performance and recovery, due its abundance of naturally occurring nitrates. 

A real food option that offer a delicious alternative to synthetic or caffeine alternatives. 
Experience the true wellness benefits of natural ingredients right here.

Shelf Life: 12 Months


*Dairy Free



Feigherys Farm Beetroot Juice 500ml