Cashew Chilli Crush - 180g - €5.50 RRP // Shelf Life 30 days // Suitable for Vegetarians

At Rívesci, Declan and Shannon, want to help elevate the flavour of your home cooked meals. From life in a Michelin Star restaurant, hotels, cafés and now a street food truck, Head Chef Declan always felt that people wanted something quick and easy to add to their home cooking to give it a kick or burst of flavour. We hope our Cashew Chilli Crush does that for your cheese toasty, scrambled eggs, meat or even fish dish! Let us know what else you add it to... Enjoy!

Elevate the flavour of your favourite dishes by adding a spoonful or two
of Rívesci Cashew Chilli Crush into your cooking! #ElevateYourFood

Cashew Chilli Crush - 180g