• Kylie

We did it!

Facebook occasionally plays a blinder when it pops up with the message “You have memories to look back on”.

This week Facebook reminded me that it is 12 months to the day we arrived back in Ireland from Australia. Bedraggled and weary from the 26 hour flight, we are grinning somewhat maniacally into a camera of a friend who was up sometime in the night to drive to Dublin to collect us.

Hard to believe 365 days could pass by in such a moment. Must be true when they say the older you get, the faster time goes!

The first 6 months were slightly dream like in that I think it took me that long to actually hit terra firma.

We made it out the other end and I have to say I feel like a different person because of those twelve months.

I’ve stayed true to my promise of keeping myself at home. We are ever so slightly broke because of it but it has been worth it to spend such brilliant times with our kids.